Individual Personal Training

  • For individuals looking for one on one attention and or may have a special medical condition that needs direct one on one supervision.

Semi Private Personal Training

  • For individuals looking to workout in a small group setting that do not have any special medical conditions. Classes are conducted in small groups to ensure proper form and technique are not lost. (Individuals looking to increase fitness levels, drop body fat, and improve health)

Online Training

  • Live online training done in the comfort of your own home. Exercise program is individualized and live. Done in semi-private or private formats.

Athletic Performance Enhancement

  • FunctionWorks Fitness is in the business of building a solid athletic foundation for the athlete while being focused on their individual goals. Our program is a combination of scientifically backed program design that includes instruction in proper movement skills development, prehab, injury reduction methods, sports speed agility and quickness, power development, strength development, and energy system conditioning. Athletes are supervised during each workout and attention  is always being paid to proper lifting technique and safety.

Corporate Fitness Programs (Please contact for more info)

General Public Lectures and Workshops (Please contact for more info)

Professional Lectures and Workshops (Please contact for more info)

  • Lectures and workshops geared toward professionals in personal training, strength and conditioning, physical therapy, athletic training, Medical Doctors, and massage therapy.

Serious inquiries only

For rates and more information please contact

Charles Trinh, MS, PES, CSCS, ACSM-cPT


Phone: 808-779-1604