Testimonial from Todd S.


FunctionWorks Fitness provided me with a highly educated and down to Earth coach in Charles Trinh. He made training fun and educational. If I had a question about diet, exercise, or the human body he always had the answer. His training techniques were not the typical personal trainer workout routine. They were intense, self fulfilling and calculated towards the goals I wanted to achieve. I would recommend Charles Trinh to anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle while not having to empty their wallet. You will not regret it, for his training methods are so effective, it will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Testimonial from Maurice R. 


Thank you Charles Trinh for all of your support! All of the tears, sweat and pain paid off! I could never have made it on stage without all of your torturous workout routines! I truly appreciate your dedication and passion for helping me achieve my fitness goals.

Testimonial from Chelsea L.

Before I started training with Charles, I was very inconsistent with exercise.  I did TurboJam, TurboFire, and P90x, off and on for several years.  I needed something more from these DVDs.  I thought long and hard about it and finally during the summer of 2010, I decided it was time to change my life for the better.  No more off and on workouts and not obtaining the results.  Where could I get more direction, motivation and consistency with exercise?  I signed up for 24hr fitness and bought 18 sessions with a personal trainer.  I enjoyed my workouts and my trainer was terrific! I definitely was getting in shape and I felt great.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the sessions anymore and I stopped my personal training which in turn led me to stop working out entirely. I lost my motivation. I realized that I needed to have a personal trainer.  Trainers are at the gym expecting you to show up.  It keeps me accountable.  So when December rolled around and New Year’s resolutions were on my mind, I wanted to start working out again.  The only way I was going to be consistent with working out was by finding myself a knowledgeable yet affordable trainer.

My mom heard about Charles, from her coworker whose son plays baseball and trains with Charles.  My mom and I both wanted to get in shape and met Charles at the end of January 2011.  We were pleasantly surprised at how reasonably priced his personal training was in comparison to 24 hour fitness trainers as well as how knowledgeable he was, so we decided to try it out.

After a few months of training with him, I could feel a difference.  Not only was I back in shape, I felt stronger, stronger than I have ever been in my life.  I’ve noticed that the exercise movements I’ve done during my sessions have improved tasks in my daily life.  It could simply be walking up the stairs, carrying heavy groceries, loads of laundry, or even moving around heavy furniture.  My strength levels are improving every single day.  I am able to do things I never ever imagined like lifting 300 pounds or doing more than a single pull up!  The workouts can be challenging but when I finish them, I feel accomplished.  Honestly, I never would have thought I would be as strong as I am today.

Charles is very patient and understanding as he takes you through the proper technique and he always makes sure you have the correct form.  I really like the fact that he can train people of all ages and with different levels of physical fitness.  He also modifies exercises accordingly, depending on the client.

If you have the chance to have Charles as your personal trainer, you should seize that opportunity.  If not, you will be missing out on something valuable.  I am very happy that Charles is my personal trainer.  I continue to grow and become stronger every day!  My life has definitely changed for the better.  Thanks Charles!!

Testimonial From Jaynie K. RN

Jaynie Before After

“I’ve known Charles for years, and knew about his extensive education and training.  I knew that he was at the top of his game because of all his background and knowledge. Once we began talking about my goals and my desired results, I felt excited about starting up workouts with him. Previously, I was conservative about my goals. I just wanted to lose a few pounds, but didn’t think I could achieve much more than that. I signed up for a month of sessions with Charles, with two workouts a week. The first session was explosive and so much fun. He kept my attention the whole time, mixed it up with different activities and then brought it all down with stretches at the end. I loved how he was working with three clients during the group session, but took the time to customize the routine for each and every one of us. He also explained the benefits of each exercise, and even described the anatomy of it all. Being a nurse, I enjoyed that aspect very much. Charles really does his homework, and uses his knowledge to plan and execute workouts that are not only effective, but also stimulating. After a month of working with Charles, I was blown away by the results! I’d gained muscle, lost weight, and more importantly, I’d lost fat! I was stronger, trimmer, and my body was morphing! My legs were stronger, my thighs became more muscular and defined, and my arms and back trimmed down. The proportions of my body were changing in incredible ways! My pants fit differently, the baggy backside filled out nicely with a pert bottom that never existed before. The waist was nice and loose with breathing room. Here’s a confession: I actually had an emotional moment when putting on my swimsuit. For the first time in my life, I felt good in my own skin. I was pleased with what I saw in the mirror. And that’s a gift that no money can buy. The best part of it all was that I was enjoying every minute of my workouts! I truly looked forward to each and every session, and couldn’t get enough! And unlike past trainers and weight loss plans, I was able to eat what I wanted without any guilt! And I still got amazing results! This motivated me to want to change my whole lifestyle. My fitness goals became more ambitious, but at the same time, they were achievable and within my grasp. It was mindblowing and so exciting!

I speak from the heart. Charles is a wonderful trainer who has honestly changed my view on fitness, and in turn, has changed my whole LIFE for the better! Motivation and faith are key, and Charles is always full of both! He truly believes in me, and encourages me to push myself to higher levels of performance. I’ve made a commitment to being healthy and fit for the rest of my life, and Charles has been an integral part of that. He always tells me that I’m on my way to being a certified badass, and I believe it!!! FWF FTW!”

Testimonial from Elaine H.

“Charles Trinh of FunctionWorks Fitness is not just armed with degrees and dumbbells. He IS the trainers’ trainer! I have never met anyone else as qualified and dedicated to his clients as he is. I came to him to lose weight, and as a byproduct he has reduced the intense pain from my thoracic outlet syndrome to the point where I can start to rebuild the strength in my arms and back. Three years of adjustments with the Osteopathic Doctor and Physical Therapy has not provided the relief I got with just a few sessions with Charles! He is straight forward, and sincere about helping his clients. Pick the right man for the job if you are looking to get fit the right way. Needless to say he lectures to medical students on his spare time. So if you are looking for a trainer that KNOWS what is going on, go to Charles!”

Testimonial from Megan G.

“Charles is extremely knowledgeable and understands the body. His knowledge, advice, and training sessions helped me train for the Honolulu Marathon. I was able to cut my time almost in half and I felt great after the marathon. I owe this to Charles. His training sessions built the strength and stamina that my body needed to complete the marathon. Charles has also helped me deal with injuries associated with running. Recently, I was experiencing pain in my right hip after running. Charles helped me deal with the pain and after a week of following his advice, the pain is gone.”

Testimonial from Douglas Crowell, MS, CSCS, cPT

“I have invited Charles to do guest lectures for my courses at Kapiolani Community College. His teaching approach is engaging and the students have given him excellent evaluations. Based on student feedback, I believe that he has inspired these future fitness professionals to continue their education and never become complacent in their understanding of human movement. It has been an honor and pleasure to watch Charles complete many of his educational and professional goals. His passion for the field of exercise science and movement is evident.”

Testimonial from Shannon M. Hirose-Wong, Ph.D

“Charles’ presentation was one of the most well received presentations of the course. The students found his “lecture” presentation educational and practical. I appreciated that it gave medical students a broader perspective on diagnosing, approaching, and treating certain aliments-spurring reflections on prevention, as well as alternatives to drug therapies/treatments.

Charles definitely knows his subject matter. I am impressed with the way he keeps himself apprised of, and well-versed in the most current aspects of his field. What especially makes Charles a valued speaker is the passion he has for his work and the desire to share his knowledge with others. He truly wants to take his knowledge and make a positive impact on the health and well-being of the general public. Charles is one of those special individuals who actually engages himself translating knowledge into action.

I would definitely like to continue working with Charles to help identify and create avenues for information dissemination and program implementation. I offer my high praise and support to Charles Trinh in his professional endeavors.”

Testimonial from Kenneth Nakasone, MS, MPT, ATC, CSCS, TPI CGFI-MP3

“I have known Charles for the past four years, as an undergraduate exercise science student and a fellow strength and conditioning colleague. Charles has an insatiable interest in learning, developing and implementing physical fitness and conditioning programs for various populations. He further demonstrates this interest by attending courses on his free time to increase his knowledge, skills and abilities in the fields of exercise and sport science, athletic training and physical therapy. The transition from didactic knowledge to clinical application of exercise concepts and techniques is a key focus in his studies and practice. Upon completion of his graduate studies, I observed an improvement in his confidence and knowledge base of human movement sciences.

Charles’ presenting skills has improved greatly as his knowledge base increase. The mastery of exercise science concepts enables him to deliver the information to the audience’s level of understanding. He is able to respond to an inquiry with great confidence, which demonstrates his understanding of the material and critically analyze the question to respond appropriately. I highly recommend Charles Trinh, without reservation, as a conditioning specialist and lecturer.”

Testimonial from Bernadine Chee, Ph.D

“I had been diagnosed with a medical condition that required special attention. Charles worked with me and extremely patiently. Gradually and steadily, my strength and stamina improved. When I began, I could only lift 5-15 pounds on the weight lifting equipment and perform 12 minutes on the lowest setting on the crosstrainer. Yet a year later, under his guidance, I could lift over double the amount and could exercise on the crosstrainer for 30 minutes at a more demanding pace. The mat and ball exercises that Charles showed me also greatly improved my core strength and confidence. On behalf of the many people whom Charles has helped over the years, I would like to thank him for all that he has done to improve our lives.”

Testimonial from Meghan M.

“Charles gave me a solid routine and information about proper techniques and he was passionate about sharing exercise and health information to those that he met. What I appreciated most about his approach to exercise, however, was that he created functional exercise routines that developed my strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Other trainers have given me routines that merely moved me around the weight room and quickly became boring. None challenged my body and mind to do anything more than a mechanical motion with weight. Charles’ routines prepared my body for dynamic movements that I do in my daily life. My experience working with Charles has been positive, he is reliable, patient and compassionate.”