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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms Part 2

Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms? Continuing on with various reasons of how we might develop carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, this the pronator teres. The function of this muscle is to pronate the hand. Sometimes people get what is called pronator teres syndrome which can often be misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome. Because the … Continue reading

Deep tissue massage?

The mind set of if 1 is good than 100 is better unfortunately is not always the case. In regards to bodywork many individuals like and want “deep tissue”. But there are times when deep/too much pressure would be counterproductive in facilitating the bodies healing process. As much as the individual on the table wants … Continue reading

Got carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms?

This is the subscapularis muscle, it is one of the four muscles that is known as the rotator cuff. When trigger points are developed in this muscle, it may give symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. A trained therapist can help you check for trigger points and facilitate healing if you do have any issues with … Continue reading