Why we don’t get the fitness results we want


Results we all want it. But you know what? Many don’t know what it takes to achieve it. I am a full time strength coach and trainer, and one thing I see a lot of on facebook, and all around me are people wanting to lose weight. Many aspire to have a swimsuit body by summer, yet  so many fail.  Hopefully after reading this blog, you will understand how important it is to keep yourself in check outside of the gym!

First off, lets call it fat loss. Change your vocabulary and your mind. You want to lose fat not weight. Weight means you are losing muscle mass as well. Something that WE WANT! Having more muscle means you burn more calories at rest.

I am going to tell you something that will get you the results that you want and you don’t even have to pay me. What could it be? You see if you are looking to change your body and you want to lose fat, it is a full time job.

At best most people have 2 to 5 workouts a week. Lets keep it on the low end. 2 hours a week of hitting the gym. What happens after that? Yeah that’s 166 hours to mess it all up. Even if you manage to workout 5 days a week, you still got the other 23 hours during the day to screw it all up.

I’m not telling you to workout more, but I am telling you that you have to watch what you eat and drink! 1 hour of workout a day does not undo all the bad food you eat. BUT… if you are ok with how you look and feel, eat the foods you want. If you want to change your body composition and lose fat and gain muscle. And you want results… it’s a full time job my friend.

If you are hiring a trainer remember, they cannot hold your hand the other 23 hours during the day. They will not be there to slap that burger out of your hand when it wants to jump down your throat without your permission. You can lie, and tell them you ate well and you did your extra exercise for the day. But you are only short changing yourself.

So what I am saying? I am saying that changing your body is hard. But it is possible. But remember it’s a full time job and YOU have to accept that if fat loss is your goal. And be ready for what it takes. When all is said and done, the results you get is directly proportional to the amount of work that you put in.

So start being good those other 23 hours during the day when you are out of the gym!

In Strength,

Charles Trinh MS, PES, CSCS, ACSM-cPT


Please feel free to share this post, in return please credit me as the original author of this work, include a link to this post and the bio at the end of this blog.

Charles has dedicated more than 13 years in the field of exercise science and performance enhancement. His extensive background in human performance and sports medicine enable him to develop scientifically sound fitness programs for individuals looking to get healthy, and up to high performance athletes.  Charles has also done extensive work with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (former state director) and American College of Sports Medicine in providing continuing education units to personal trainers, strength coaches, physical therapist, athletic trainers and Medical Doctors. With his extensive training and experience, Charles has helped countless individuals reach their health and performance goals.


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