How to get good at exercise as a beginner.


How are your new years health and fitness resolutions coming along?

If you are having some difficulty keeping up with your health and fitness goals. Try this out.

Pick one exercise and just get good at that. Do not feel bad at all if you are new to fitness. We all started off somewhere and I know it can be very challenging to stick to a exercise program.

Picking one exercise and getting good at it takes the guess work out of your fitness routine and it just makes things less complicated for you. It’s easy and quick and very manageable. If you are more advanced feel free to add more exercises to your liking. But if you are just starting off and having a hard time for whatever reason, just pick one exercise and do that. Add more exercises as your strength and conditioning increases. Remember it takes time but fitness isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon. This is for life, keep it up and one day it will save your life.

In Strength,
Charles Trinh MS, PES, CSCS, LMT


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